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My Story


Hi my name is Eric Taylor. I am the owner of TMT and I would like to tell you my story. Sure, I played sports coming up and I would love to tell you that I was Mr. All American or a professional body builder, or even a retired Navy Seal but the fact is I can’t.  My story is much different than that and a lot less exciting. I am just an ordinary person with a testimony that changed my life forever. So here goes:


The Great Depression


I went through a terrible divorce in the early 90’s.  It was a long drawn out episode that left me depressed mentally and physically.  I was very reclusive and I withdrew myself from friends and family for many reasons but mainly embarrassment. I became very resentful of everyone and everything.  I found myself resorting back to high school and college days of all night partying, and the new friends I was making were a giant influence on my lifestyle.  Oddly enough fitness has always been a part of my background so I did go to the gym, but mainly just to say that I did.  From there my life began spiraling out of control.  To make a long story short, I lost everything I had. I was now divorced. I had my 1992 Jeep Cherokee and my clothes.  I had a job, but the pay was minimal compared to the debt that I had accrued.  It was astronomical.  I would stay with different so-called friends but really I had no where to call a home anymore.  I could redefine the term irresponsible.  As my health declined and my spirit was broken, I would have needed to begin digging to sink any deeper. But thank God for grandmothers. 


                                  Thanks Granny                                          


It only took one phone call. As a broken kid I called my granny. I told her all the details and I had nothing to hide.  I needed help and I had no where else to go. You are probably thinking why didn’t you call your Mom or Dad?  At the time I felt that I had worn out my welcome with my parents, and I was ashamed and embarrassed to go to them for help.  My granny said to me. “Get your stuff right now and come stay with me”.  From there I began slowly separating myself from the party lifestyle. It was very difficult.  And granny stayed out of it. She never reprimanded me. She just loved me and supported me. It struck me funny that granny had not changed her lifestyle or her daily habits. She did the same routines that I recalled as a child as I spent many days with her as my mother worked.  She went to church, she worked in the yard, she had 3 TV stations, no internet, and she cooked 3 meals a day. I felt like I was stuck back in the 1970’s. But most importantly granny walked 2 miles a day.  She would often ask me to go but honestly I didn’t think it would do any good so I would decline. After several months on one hot morning I finally gave in and took my first steps in a positive direction.  With a glass of tea in one hand and a cigarette in the other granny and I took our first walk together.  I guess you could say she was my first trainer. This was the first of many mornings my granny and I spent exercising together.  


Feeling Good Again


I remember throwing down my last cigarette as I broke into a jog and left granny to finish her walk.  She was my pacer.  Man she could walk fast. It was almost more comfortable to jog with her than to walk with her. Weeks passed, my pace quickened, and soon I was enjoying my runs. Not really! But I loved the way it made me feel. Granny and I discussed a gym membership over eggs and bacon and I remember her telling me that it was simply up to me.  I realized that I could not afford a membership so I just kept running. That is until I found the hair salon that helped saved my life.  I walked in to get my hair cut at a new place right out of town and found my new gym. I know it is funny but one side of the salon had old dusty out of date gym equipment just waiting to be used.  The owner gave me approval to work out if I would just clean up the equipment and not be loud to disturb customers. It was dirty but very worth it. I did play high school football, and I grew up close to a gym so I did have an advantage over the average gym newbie who might look at this old equipment and run.  It looked like a fitness museum. So I began the first few weeks doing light reps and trying to get my body acclimated to resistance training again. And it was fun to me.


I Wanted More


I was training legs on the morning that sparked my interest in the most important part of fitness. Nutrition! I was reading an old muscle magazine in between sets and I found a bodybuilding article on how to get really lean.  This was good but I wanted to know more. After my session I headed to the book store and the lady behind the desk sold me a book that became my fitness bible. It is called Body for Life by Bill Philips. It taught me everything I needed, gave me a meal plan, and even had a glossary for the big words. In short, I studied the book, began keeping a fitness diary, and granny helped me with the cooking and preparation of the meals and shakes. It was fun, and I was getting very fit and healthy. This book was my fitness foundation. My passion for fitness was ignited.



Sharing the Passion


It was hot on that August morning run, and I remember for the first time since changing my life around that I stopped to ponder. I asked myself why I was doing all of this, and what is next? I can’t live with granny forever, and I really hated the job I was doing even though it was paying down those crazy credit cards. Why am I doing this? What is next?

Where do I go from here. I prayed. On that dirt road that day I asked God to show me a sign or give me a direction to follow. I then headed back to the house had some breakfast and went to work.  After a few weeks passed, I noticed interested hair customers taking an interest in my training sessions.  They would ask me questions, and some of  them asked me if they could come in and train with me.  I had a great time showing them what I had learned over the years from sports and I also shared the book with everyone.


They were not as serious with the training as I was, but I did enjoy teaching them what I had learned, and I appreciated the company.  I had never felt so alive! I never understood the Law of Reciprocation until now.  Helping others was awesome.  Meanwhile I waited for God to give me a direction and I was becoming calmly impatient.  All I knew was that I dearly love fitness and everything about it.  As much as loved the salon I knew I would need a bigger pond if I wanted to learn more about fitness as well as help more people so I finally joined a fitness center.  I met new friends and within months was given the opportunity to work with new joining members. By working there I got a free membership. I would show them each piece of equipment and answer any questions they had about the gym. I had several members ask me if I was a trainer and I would tell them that I was only staff. I seemed to only get the same response. “Well I sure could use one and you seem to know your stuff.”  So I asked the manager if I could work with members on my own time and he accepted. He told me I would need a certification so I got certified while I assisted my new clientele. And of course they knew I was new at my teaching.  The pay was minimal but at this point I still did not realize that I was actually a trainer. It was just too much fun.  At this point I developed the expertise I needed to become a more educated well rounded trainer. One of the most important things I learned at this level is that every client is different.  My confidence was now growing along with a shortlist clientele. I was doing well but it was time for me to move on. Everyone understood.  Granny did too.


Moving On


As time passed, I felt that I needed a brand new place to begin my new positive lifestyle. Why? For many reasons, but the most important one was to separate myself from the comfort and safety of a small town, and to give myself a brand new start with brand new friends leaving old baggage behind.  I also wanted to show myself that I could be totally independent.  I rented a very small one room apartment. I was now nestled in to my new home town of St Simons Island Georgia. You would have thought I had won the lottery.  There is no feeling in the world like being independent.  I worked a second shift job at a Brunswick Plant, and I had also found a job working at the only fitness facility on St. Simons Island during the day. Life was good.  In time I was given the opportunity to become a trainer at this facility where I met many new friends and wonderful people.  My new passion had now given me the opportunity to work as a trainer full time. I had now received two different nationally recognized certifications and re enrolled myself back in school part time.  I left my evening job behind, which I totally appreciated and concentrated solely on my clientele which was steadily growing.  Then I met an Angel.


I Met My Wife


I thank God everyday for that Fitness Center for the opportunities of course, but most importantly my wife.  This is where we met.  In short, we became good friends, dated and she accepted the new me and supported me one hundred percent in my passion to help others. She is beautiful and way smarter than me.  I even use her quotes from time to time in my everyday sessions.


One of my favorites is, “Eric, you can only eat an elephant one bite at the time.” I just love that quote.  She also helped me with my walk with Christ.  It had been years since I had the courage to ask God for anything.  She made it clear to me that when I prayed to him for direction way back there on that hot summer on a dirt road, that he had given me direction. He had given me a vision. He had given me clients. And most importantly he had answered my prayer.  Sometimes looking back I find this humorous.  I thought everyone was coming to me because I was a great trainer.  I still laugh at myself, and I am sure God does on a regular basis.  So my wife and I now live on St. Simons Island with our two year old baby Emmeline Kenzie Taylor. We call her Emmy.  She is the light of our life and we are blessed to have her.  A new season dawned, and I had thought of owning and operating my own fitness business for a long time.


Taylor Made Training, LLC was born


You may find this hard to believe, but I left the fitness center on a Friday, and opened up my new business the next Tuesday.  I had the location given to me on short notice, and I had over twenty clients come and train with me at the new TMT Studio.  I had a dumbbell rack, and dumbbells, a medicine ball, a non commercial treadmill, and my computer to get started with.  Having little or no equipment really took me straight back to the hair salon days of having little or no equipment, and I felt the Lord was giving me a sign in my new business.  I felt like he was telling me to stay humble, and go back to the roots of fitness.  It was a huge leap of faith but it worked. I honed in on some skills that I had long forgotten because of fancy equipment. It really made me better.  I love using equipment but I think every trainer should spend time on basic skills using basic equipment. Word of mouth advertising really paid off.  I was doing well, but most of all my passion of helping people continued to grow even more at a smaller location.  Time did pass and I realized that I wanted to share my business, and if I was going to do that I would need equipment, and much more room for anyone who might join me.  Some time passed and I found the new TMT location.


229 Business Center Drive A Dream Come True


I am truly blown away at what God has done with my life. He took a broken person and gave me strength, courage, and direction.  I now own Taylor Made Training, LLC.  My dream has come true.  With Gods help and many faithful clients and friends, TMT is outfitted with plenty of room and more equipment than we need.  We are blessed to have had hundreds clients come through TMT since we opened our doors. This my story and  how fitness changed my life. It is much more than a business to me and it always will be. Thanks to everyone who has had a part in my growing business. And thanks to you Granny!

I love you!

Thanks for Listening,

Your Friend,


Eric Taylor



Voted Personal Trainer of the Year St.Simons 2009

Voted Personal Trainer of the Year St.Simons 2010

Voted Personal Trainer of the Year St.Simons 2012

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