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Welcome To Taylor Made Training.  We are a one of a kind Body Transformation Center.     

Here at Taylor Made Training Center our programs are not a "one size fits all." We specifically design your exercise program according to your fitness goals and your current level of fitness. We also aspire to make fitness fun and to create a program for you that isn’t routine. Our approach to creating fitness programs is to combine Core, Balance, Flexibility, Strength Training and Cardiovascular Conditioning and to vary your routine often to increase your Motivation, Focus, and Energy. We also want to increase your education and understanding regarding health, which will help you make fitness an integral part of your lifestyle for long lasting healthy results. Here at TMT we are like family. We care about each other and our clientele. We put you first. It is just that simple. 

So how does TMT operate?

If you are a One on One Client or Partner Personal Training Client this is how it works:

1. It all begins with a simple phone call or email. We need to set up your first FREE consultation.

2. We will meet and go over details. Scheduling, Programming, Goal setting etc. This will allow us to give you your pricing options.  Every situation is different here at TMT so we will treat your pricing accordingly.

3. You will then be set up on our schedule for one on one training.  Your first session will be your physical assessment. measurements, fat percent, blood pressure etc.

4. Each month you will be re evaluated to ensure that you are  making progress.  And so begins your new lifestyle!!!!

4. All of our clients can come in and train at TMT during business hours every single day so you do not need a gym membership

5. As you can see there are many clients who allow me (us) to post their results and pictures to help inspire and motivate others. Please note that we always respect your FULL privacy here at TMT and would never use your pictures or private information without your permission.   

So who do we train?  We work with a diverse population of clients.  From the obese population to the advanced athlete, every fitness level is welcome here at TMT.  Our people are all different and so are their programs. 

What makes us different?  TMT is designed for one purpose,and that is getting you results. We assess you, teach you, then train you to get the fastest results in the most efficient time frame as possible.  In short you could say that we are a body transformation facility, because 80% of the clients we work with come to us to CHANGE their bodies.  Our training center is only open to our clients, so you can rest assure that everyone in our facility is there for the same purpose.  We all help and encourage each other here at TMT so plan on getting treated like family.    


229 Business Center Drive St.Simons Island Georgia, 31522  912-222-6401